EVS Draught Seal

EVS Draught Stops

- Stop Draughts
- Reduce Noise
- Save Energy
- Stop Dust and Pollen
- Rain and moisture proof
- Fills gaps from up to 10mm 
- EVS DIY Packs
- Permanent solution 

What are EVS Draught Stops?

- Rigid draught stop that can be fitted to timber doors and windows

-High performance seals for superior draught control

-Made of durable materials

-Pre-finished for professional results

-Permanent solution that will not peel or fall off

Quick Video showing quick and easy steps

Key Benefits for installers:

 - Saves on preparation, pre-finished, no need to paint

- The gap tolerance means no additional adjustment with
seasonal joinery fluctuations.

-Quick and easy to install and finish  

-Easy to cut, grove, sand, paint, drill, pin or nail

Key Steps

1 - Remove existing hardware

2 - Measure sizes

3 - Square cut EVS draught seals to size  (can use a drop saw or hand tenon saw)

4 - Trim ends to 45 degree mitre

5 - Position first bead seal on hardware face

6 - Refit hardware over first bead and secure window closed

7 - Complete other beads by fitting seal up to the edges

8 - Use a pin gun to secure the beads

9 - Fill pin holes and corners with small dab of gap filler   

New Corner Clips: Coming soon

- Save more time and get a better result

- Allows for square cut rather than a mitre cut

- More cover for gaps

- Perfect corner finish

New Mounting Clips: Coming soon

- Save more time and get a better result

- Allows for unusual hardware to have a wider base

- Tidy corner finish

Feed back from some trade partners

-Feedback I have received to date is extremely positive.

-Trades are very impressed with how easy it is to install, and also

   that fact that it is pre-painted.

-Not having to paint it saves them so much time.

- It is a good quality product that is more effective than the standard timber trim

-End customers are always pleased with the tidy and professional finish

Uptake across the country:

- Higher uptake in the South Island

-Some push back based on

  Some finding stores didn't have it available,

  Some contractors had existing timber stock,

  Some not wanting to change their existing processes

  Some confusion around cost and codes

Some find it a little more challenging using mitre cuts

Action plan:
- We are working with PlaceMakers to ensure they have stock
-We are reaching out to the partners for feedback
-We are upgrading to the product to make it quicker and easier to install
Free try out pack
Kāinga Ora Contractors try out a free pack:
- Get in touch with us
- We will send a voucher
- Present it to your local PlaceMakers store
- Get your free builders pack of wide V-Seal
- Need help! we are happy to assist

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