EVS Draught Seal

Install the Draught stops

Installation of EVS Draught stops is quick and easy with basic tools. 1/Measure, 2 Cut and 3/Fit. Follow the full instructions below  for detailed steps for a professional job.

Step by Step Draught Stop Installation

These steps relate to installing Draught Stop on a casement window. The steps are similar for Doors and Double Hung installations 

EVS Draught Seal


You can use a small mitre saw with a fine tooth blade or a fine tooth handsaw. You will also need a good tape measure, screw drivers, a sharp pencil, pin gun and gap fillers

EVS Draught Seal

Clean Edges

Clean the edges so they free of grease, dust and loose flaking paint.

EVS Draught Seal

Marking Block

Use a short section of your draught stop to mark out the edge position. IMPORTANT mark the seal touch position rather than the squashed position as this may cause closing problems and potential failure.

EVS Draught Seal

Mark Out

Use the marking block to set out guidelines around the window. Scribe along the edge which provides the correct distance for the Draught Stop to sit. Ensure the window is in its closed position.

EVS Draught Seal

Remove Hardware

Remove existing window hardware so you can fit the new Draught Stop. The hardware will need to be refitted so mark out their height locations.

EVS Draught Seal

Measure Up

Measure between the inside faces and transfer the measurements to the top side of the Draught Stop profiles. Make the size a tight fit so if necessary you can trim the length shorter.

EVS Draught Seal

First Cut Mark

Measure and scribe an accurate mark with a sharp pencil on the top edge of the Draught Stop.

EVS Draught Seal

First Cut

Cut on a 45°angle. Ensure the Draught Stop has its top edge facing upwards and the back placed firmly against the saw’s fence.

EVS Draught Seal

Second Cut

Reset the saw in the opposite 45°angle and cut, keep the top edge upwards and the back against the guide.

EVS Draught Seal

Retro Glazing Bottom Inward opening Awning 

Place each side into the correct position that has been marked out earlier. Do not pin the profiles yet in case further trimming is required.

EVS Draught Seal

Fit Hardware

The hardware stay needs to be re-mounted to fit the new seals which will relocate 9mm across the width of the sash. Relocate the hardware catches onto the face of the Draught Stop at the existing height and depth positions. Use a drill to make screw holes through the Draught Stop.

EVS Draught Seal

Fix In Place

Use a pin gun that has a fine 18 gauge pin and fix at 150mm spaces. Take care not to angle the pin and shoot it out the back side. You can also use small nails, glue or double sided adhesive as other fixing options.

EVS Draught Seal

Fill Pin Holes 

Use filler compounds, either white or brown, to fill the pin holes. Rub over them with a damp cloth to remove residue before the filler sets to avoid the need to sand. 

EVS Draught Seal

Gap Fill Corners

Waterbased gap filler like No More Gaps can be used to fill the mitre joints. Use a damp cloth to clean the area for a seamless result.

EVS Draught Seal

Paint Match Colours

The Draught Stops are already pre-finished and do not require painting, but can be painted to match your interior colours. For best results select a low sheen water based enamel paint.

Download your Copy 
 You can download your copy of the EVS Draught stop for inspiration and step by step instructions on how to install Draught Stop

EVS Draught Seal

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