EVS Draught Seal

Fanlight  Draught stops

- Stop Draughts
- Reduce Noise
- Save Energy
- Stop Dust and Pollen
- Rain and moisture proof
- Fills gaps from up to 10mm 
- EVS DIY Packs
- Permanent solution 

Do it once... Do it right!

What is the cost of getting your property maintenance company to redo failed foam seals? It is better to pay a little more for a quality solution and do the job properly and know that you wont have to return over and over again to fix up failed foam seals. Why are EVS Draught seals so good? Well, firstly the are rigid seals that can be fitted to cover gaps that can taper from 1mm to 10mm. They are made of materials that are durable and have been tested for over 20 years with little deterioration. Provided they are fitted correctly they should last at least 20 years. 

Fanlight windows are used for providing ventilation however that are can be difficult to seal closed due to their hardware or being poorly fitted. They are also higher and can lose a lot more heat and waste energy. Follow our step by step instructions to provide your Fanlight windows with the best draught protection for ongoing peace of mind.

EVS Draught Stop DIY Packs
The DIY Fanlight Draught Stop packs provide a solution that is ready to be installed into common sized timber framed windows. There are two types of fanlight window, 'transom' and 'Split rail' that both can have an EVS fanlight pack fitted with minimal waste step by step instructions on their installation. 

EVS Draught Stop DIY Packs
The DIY Fanlight Pack comes with four lengths that are suitable for common Fanlight windows up to 93 cm x 70cm. The installation steps are suggested for installing for a typical style window. Each window may have different hardware or timber structures and installation may need to modified to suit your specific window requirements.  

Buy DIY packs online

EVS Draught stops are available throughout New Zealand and can also be purchased online.

EVS Draught Seal DIY Pack

Thin line Draught seals for Fanlight windows 

DIY Pack includes:
-2 Sides: Small V-Seal
-1 Top: Small V-Seal
-1 Base: Small V-Seal
Prefinished in PVC timber or white
Shipping (extra) 


Sales or service contact details

EVS Draught stops are available throughout New Zealand and can also be purchased online.

Exceed Fix Windows and Doors

Exceed has a network of skilled Technicians that cover most of New Zealand and provide friendly helpful advice and service for installing your EVS draught seals

Visit their web site and request a quote. www.exceed.co.nz

PlaceMakers Building Supplies 

Selected PlaceMakers stores provide the builders packs of Draught Seals and soon will be offering the DIY packs. If they are not in stock we can get them in usually within a week.

Contact your local store and ask about EVS Draught seals. 

EVS Window Technology

EVS is based in Otago and can offer Dunedin and Central Otago customers Draught Stop installation and supply. EVS can provide advice on how to install your Draught stops

Contact us if you want a price or advice.  sales@evsdraughtstop.nz

Step by Step Draught Stop Installation

The installation steps are suggested for installing EVS Draught Stops for a typical transom or split rail fanlight window. Each window may have different hardware or timber structures and installation may need to modified to suit your specific window requirements 

EVS Draught Seal


You can use common home DIY tools such as a small mitre saw with a fine tooth blade or a fine tooth handsaw. You will also need a good tape measure, screw drivers, a sharp pencil, and gap fillers

EVS Draught Seal

Mark out

Mark out guide lines around the window using the small block on the sides and the wide block on the base with the window in a closed position.

EVS Draught Seal

Transom Fanlight

The transom fanlight usually has short stay mounted on the transom that will need removed to allow the wide seal to be installed.

EVS Draught Seal

Split Rail Fanlight

The Split Rail Fanlight has no transom and can be closed using a variety of catch mechanisms. The most common are the side catches that can be repositioned to allow the seal to be fitted, or trim the seals between them.

EVS Draught Seal

Clean Edges

Clean the edges so they free of grease, dust and loose flaking paint. Make sure they are throughly dried before applying the edges seals.

EVS Draught Seal

Measure up

Measure between the inside faces and transfer the measurements to the back side of your seal’s profiles. Or slightly over measure and cut so you can accurately mark the size against the seal’s profile.

EVS Draught Seal

Trim Ends

You have a wide draught stop to be used for the base which is cut at 90° to fit the full width. The other narrow Draught seal is used for the sides and top with the top corners trimmed at 45° mitre cuts to form a nice joint.

EVS Draught Seal

Peel and Stick

Peel the beginning 10cm back tape of from your bottom section and press it firmly into marked position then pull back the rest of the backing tape and press down firmly.
You can use sealant to fill the corners for a tidy finish. 

EVS Draught Seal

Transom Hardware

The transom stay will need to be lifted up by 9mm to allow the seal to be installed. Measure up from the old holes and drill new holes and re-fix the hardware.

EVS Draught Seal

Split Rail Hardware

The Split rail doesn't have a transom and can have a variety of other hardware solutions. You generally can fit the seals between the existing hardware or you may have reposition the hardware over the new seals by moving the catch 9mm.

Download your Copy 
 You can download your copy of the EVS Draught stop for inspiration and step by step instructions on how to install Draught Stop

EVS Draught Seal

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